Thursday, January 21, 2010

Valentine's Crafts

On a recent visit to Joann's Fabrics, my eyes glazed over with the rows of shiny, new Valentine's Day decorations. Looking looking looking... knowing, though, that I wasn't going to spend any money on said items (overpriced, made in China, mass-produced - stop me anytime - stuff that it is) And while I was hoping to find time for some V Day crafts, but hadn't specifically been looking.

So here is something I just saw this morning on Skip To My Lou, a blog I started reading only yesterday. It's a very cute Valentine's Day wreath which I am seriously considering making.

She says in her post that she only spent $1.99 on the fabric from Hobby Lobby, but I'm brainstorming on what I have at home to see if I can make it for my favorite price... $0.00. We'll see!

Maybe I can make up for the fact that I never put up the Christmas wreath... oops!

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