Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Creativity Project

There is/was this copy + paste status update going around Facebook about making something handmade for people, the first five people to comment. I thought this was a great idea and had been looking for a project to help me stay inspired creatively throughout the year. So I copied and pasted and, to my surprise, got a lot of good response.

Sadly, a lot of people commented saying that they weren't creative, or couldn't make anything. I like to think everyone can make something, sure some people are more creative than others, but there are enough instructions and ideas out there to get anyone started. Anyway, I was just really excited about this so I let these people slide. (this time!)

I ended up with 12 people - one for each month of the year. Fellow yarn-crafters may be thinking, this seems like a lot to add to the (somehow always) infinite list of projects to be completed/started. And maybe it is. It might turn out to have been a crazy idea, but I guess we'll see.

I decided to write down the names on pieces of paper, and just draw them at random. Or have co-workers/whoever I can find at the office do it.

I've already started on my projects for the first person I drew and plan on having them in the mail before month-end.

I'm can't explain how excited I am about this! I just thought I'd share a little about it, to document my progress and hopefully inspire someone else to be creative. Maybe not on this scale just yet, but to at least get started. :)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Great Knitting Debate

I've been thinking a lot lately about learning to knit. But I'm trying to decide, should I learn because it's useful and I can make new things? Or, should I not learn because I can make new things and have that many more "to be made" ideas floating around?

Well some lovely person bought me the knitting needles I had on my amazon wish list for Christmas, and today my sister (who I learned to crochet with) told me one of her new years goals was to learn to knit with me. Hm!

Either way, here are some patterns I'd love to try... someday... when k1p1 means anything to me. (Found through Ravelry)