Wednesday, December 15, 2010

crochet basics: starting chain

Oh my! I've been really busy this past week. Too busy. So for now I'll leave you with a video a made, I thought a video might be more helpful than pictures in this case. (All it's missing is some metal background music, don't you think?)

Starting Chains

A few quick tips about starting chains:

  • Abbreviated in patterns as "ch" and followed by a number
  • If you have trouble with your work twisting once you start, try making your chain with a size bigger hook than you plan on using for the project
  • Remember to count your chains correctly! I made a ch 10 in the video
  • If you're making up your own pattern, chain 3 extra for double crochets, 2 for half-double and 1 for single
  • Also important if you're making your own pattern, remember that your chain will stretch once it has stitches in it
That's it for now, I hope you enjoy the video!

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