Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Neverending Headband Story

A month or two ago (oops) a friend from work asked me if i could re-create this for her. Without thinking I said I would try it. How hard could it be?, I thought. How hard, indeed!

I didn't get started on it until after the crap-i-forgot-to-start-on-Christmas-gifts-before-thanksgiving rush, so by that time I was already feeling bad about the amount of time that had passed. Once I was working on it I kept having the problem that i would measure it (to my own head) after a couple of rows and it would be fine, actually it was too long and would overlap, but every time I was almost done with it would have somehow shrunk down and ended up being too short. I hard to frog it -- not once, but five or six times!

To make it worse, my sister, after seeing that I finished (she knew how many times I'd started over) said, "So, did you write down what you did?" D'oh. The friend I made it for is out of town, but when she's back in the office I plan on borrowing from her long enough to write it down and turn it into my very first written pattern.

Anyway, after all that I was really happy with how it turned out, and quite proud that I could recreate something by looking at it.

The yarn is Patons Angora Bamboo (soooo soft!) in Low Tide.

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